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What Are The PDF Magazines About?

Digital Bugle is, normally, a magazine we print hard copies of in order to present to offline businesses to encourage them to join the online fraternity.

However, after a number of requests to do so, they are now published as downloadable PDFs for subscribers to the Marketing Bugle email update club … that is free to join.

The SECOND magazine, ‘Internet Marketing Bugle’ has always been an online downloadable publication. Recently relaunched it is filled with news, how-to’s, advice and guidance for those involved with running all or a part of their business online.

Each month ‘Digital Bugle’ covers around five main topics with images, showing what could work well for you and your business and encourages you to give it a go.

Why all this for free?

To bring you on board the Marketing Bugle email update as a subscriber.  We will, however, be charging a monthly fee for the magazine, Internet Marketing Bugle, some time in the future but it will remain free for you as a subscriber when you join now.

How do you earn your money?

By offering One to One services to do with online digital marketing, with a difference. You’ll learn all about it when you subscribe. Most of our clients join THIS email update club and they all agree, it’s the best source for keeping up to date and training for all things online and digital marketing.

Marketing Bugle also run offline Workshops for those new to online business or those who have yet to start as they are still in education.

Join us now, you’ll love what we offer and where we never pester you to buy anything or bombard you with useless emails. Everything we send out must be something useful to you, marketing-wise. Note, we also don’t jump onto another marketer’s affiliate scheme and send you the latest tiny, shiny offer … no, we are not that kind of Internet Marketing company. Join today.

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Monthly news updates that will interest regular readers. We often find news and tid-bits that you may have missed during the time between issues.


Including the newest ideas online, what works and what doesn’t PLUS Blueprints to get you started or improve on what you’re already achieving


We give you introductions to resources and link to pages that carry VALUABLE information. You can really stay ahead of the competition with this info

Overview of Magazines

You will normally receive BOTH publications, every month.  Internet Marketing Bugle looks deeper into each feature while giving links to valuable resources that no successful marketer will want to miss.  Digital Bugle is aimed more at those just starting out or who have already gotten stuck in but need clarification on certain aspects of marketing online.  We also send complimentary Blueprints and update during the month so, subscribe today and get started right away.  Back issues are also available.

Social Media

Get It Working Best For You

If there is one element of the Internet that changes, almost on a daily basis, it’s Social Media.  Marketing Bugle will keep you up to date and informed in every monthly issue.  You may even get special update reports during the month for any hot new events


Low Cost, No Cost Can Work

There are thousands of useful tools online, often partly replacing very expensive software.  We find affordable solutions to your every day tasks, especially if they can be automated

Valuable Resources

Free Resources. YES!

Internet Marketing Bugle (IMB) Magazine brings you resources each month that you simply click on to visit the page of valuable content that is, normally, free to use and consume. This is one of our most popular features as it benefits everyone

Marketing Profit

Learn ‘n’ Earn

Reading about all this marketing is all very well but you need to be earning money and profiting from the things you learn. Marketing Bugle ensure you are shown everything so you can see what works for your business

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What are Marketing Bugle customers saying about their experience?

Vanessa, Bournemouth

Goes That Extra Mile!  Martyn is an absolute gem. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his subject, he keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in the fast-moving world of internet marketing. He loves what he does and goes the extra mile to satisfy his clients. What’s more he’s extremely likeable. I would not want to be without such an amazing resource. He comes highly recommended. Get him while you can!

Yvonne, London

So Refreshing!  You simply don’t get this One to One type servcie nowadays.  We were kept up to date about what is happening at all times and the team from Bugle were there when we needed them.  Marketing Bugle really do genuinely care about each and every client.

Nick, Reading

So Impressive!  Martyn ran and created ideas for our online forum in the membership site.  After a year he not only won an award for it but also helped launch our offline newsletter which has gone from strength to strength.

Davina, London

Very Enjoyable!  The team from Marketing Bugle make it an enjoyable task where they train you at your level where they are patient throughout.  Got the initial task completed quickly and efficiently and the ongoing service shows their competance at digital marketing.

Paula, Parkstone

Expert IT Background!  Martyn has been a great asset with any new business ventures which we have undertaken over the past year, not only within the magazine but also combining any advertising we do with his expert IT background and using the internet in an effective way.

About The Editor

Editor Martyn Brown has been running offline and online publications since the early 1990s with IMB being the longest running Internet business magazine in Europe.

Building his first website in 1994 led to Internet marketing becoming something he now lives and breathes every single day.

While helping business become a success online, Martyn has reintroduced IMB magazine and added Digital Bugle to train and guide people at all stages of their marketing expertise.

Martyn Brown – Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing Bugle has been through a number of phases since being formed by Martyn Brown.

It is now all about building sales funnels for businesses who need to sell their products and services on a regular basis.

Marketing Bugle can help with building a website that works for a business and everything ‘Internet’ and online required to make a success of any campaign or promotion.

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